Ugly Houses

Ugly houses are catnip to many investors.  If you own a house worthy of the dubious moniker, the good news is that it represents an opportunity.  It can be sold to someone who will fix it up or replace it with something new.  You can also fix it up and sell it . . . hopefully for a profit.  

But how do you determine the costs and benefits of the options available to you?  How much will it cost to fix it up?  Will you get your money back?  Can you make a profit?  Are you better off selling the property as-is?

Seagrass Investments & Remodeling is a general contractor and is heavily involved in the investor and real estate brokerage communities.  Seagrass is unique in its approach to helping people evaluate their options regarding remodeling, buying, renting, or selling.  

Would you like to have a good understanding of your options with an "ugly house" or other "problem" property?  

Seagrass can help evaluate options, then remodel and or sell your home or other property.  

Seagrass purchases houses in great need of repairs and upgrades.  As a general contractor with ties in the real estate brokerage and investor communities, we can fix, improve, and sell homes much cheaper than the average homeowner, or even investor.  This allows us to pay a fair price and still make a profit.   

Can Seagrass help you evaluate options for an ugly house?


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