Sell or Stay?

Are you currently asking yourself whether you should sell your home and find something else to meet your current needs or stay and find a way to modify your current home?

Often, it is much less expensive to modify the current home.  Consider that for most people, work needs to be done on their current home to maximize its sale value.  To that, add the costs of selling a home (real estate commissions, marketing, taxes, etc), plus the inconvenience of having to keep the home show-ready at all times, and needing to leave at a moment's notice so a real estate broker can show the house.  Now, add the time and effort required to find a new place, the costs of purchasing that new place, moving costs, likely double mortgage payments for a while, etc.  On top of that, consider cleaning, upgrades, and modifications that likely need to be done to the new place ($$$$$).  Selling and moving is an expensive undertaking.  

While remodeling is not cheap either, most people would like to know the costs and benefits of both options (staying and remodeling vs selling and moving) before moving forward in either direction.  Where do you go to get all the information to make educated decisions?  

Seagrass Investments & Remodeling is unique in that we can help evaluate the real estate market as well as your home remodeling options, helping you find the information you need.  What will is cost to sell?  To buy?  To remodel?  What will market appreciation likely be for your current home vs a different home you might purchase?  What would maximize the sale value of your current home right now, and what would it cost to make that happen?  What would maximize the return on investment into your current home?  

Seagrass helps find answers to these and many more questions so our customers and clients can make their best, most informed decisions and be confident in their actions moving forward as well as looking backward in the future.   We want to help you succeed.  

If you decide to remodel, Seagrass can help.

If you decide to sell/buy, Seagrass can help with that as well.  

We're a bit of a one-stop shop.  How can Seagrass help you?  


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