Roofs are often one of the most neglected part of a home, probably because they are up high and not easily inspected for most people.  Combine this with the fact that water typically causes more damage in homes than anything else.  The result?  Bad things happen.

Damaged ceilings, walls, electrical systems, flooring, furniture, framing . . . .  The list goes on and on.  What could have been a small, inexpensive repair often turns into tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage simply because a homeowner didn't know what to do about that flickering light or discolored spot on the ceiling and kept putting off having to deal with it.

Mildewy smells, damp or discolored ceilings, walls, or floors, flickering lights or other malfunctioning electrical circuits, sore throats and irritated respiratory systems.  All of these can be signs of a roof leak.  

Even a small leak can lead to rotten structural wood in your roof, ceilings, walls, or even floors, causing very expensive, and ofter extensive, repairs.  

As shingles age, they dry out, deform slightly (which can break there seal to the layer below), and become brittle.  Wind can break them off or cause cracks, leading to leaks.  

The good news is that if problems are addressed quickly, minor leaks often leave no significant damage, and are relatively inexpensive to repair.  


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