Real Estate Brokerage and Market Analysis

Seagrass Investments & Remodeling's Manager, Tim Rettmann, is also a Real Estate Broker licensed in Washington State with the brokerage firm of Kelly Right Real Estate.

Tim and Kelly Right Real Estate provide real estate market analysis and brokerage services for Seagrass and its clients.  Since 1998, Tim has been active as a real estate investor, broker, and remodeler.  His combined experiences are invaluable to Seagrass' approach to providing well-rounded, sound information and advice to clients.  

With Tim's help, Seagrass Investments & Remodeling works closely with current and soon-to-be homeowners as well as real estate investors looking for the best options and creative solutions to difficult problems.  

Remodeling, real estate market analysis, investment, property management, purchase, rental,  and sale issues are often tightly entangled.  A multilateral approach provides the best information and solutions to your real estate and remodeling questions.  

Seagrass can help you by taking a more wholistic, multi-faceted look at options to help you reach your goals.  


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