Property Inspections

Inspecting a property for the purpose of meeting investment objectives can be very different than conducting a simple home inspection.

Seagrass evaluates properties from an investment standpoint, including elements such as real estate and rental market analysis, property management concerns and opportunities, and short- and long-term remodeling and maintenance issues.  

Property and building inspections are part of the services offered by Seagrass Investments & Remodeling and can be tailored to meet an investor's needs.  Seagrass is a general contractor with experience in property management, real estate investment, and real estate brokerage.  

Could you benefit from a simple walk-through or a more thorough examination of a property and its investment potential?  

Are you a new or relatively inexperienced investor?  Why not make a call and take steps to make your investment as safe and profitable as possible?  

Whether considering a new investment or ways to improve a property you already own,  Seagrass can help.  Why not call and have a chat?  We're based in Lake Forest Park, WA.  


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How can Seagrass help evaluate a property's investment potential? Call or email and start with a free conversation.

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