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Log Home Remodeling

Do you love your log home and want to make some changes so it is better adapted it to your life?  Do you want to maintain the natural beauty and history of the log structure in the process?  

Modifying log strucures in a way that maintains their unique character and historical charm is a bit of a unique talent.  Do you want to work with people who appreciate the uncommon value of the home and can add to it without lessening what you currently love?

Why no talk to Seagrass about how to improve the function and aesthetic value of your home?  Whether it is a rustic back-woods cabin with historical patina or a newer, shinier log home with all modern amenities,  Seagrass can help.  


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Considering remodeling your log cabin/home? How can Seagrass help? A simple call or email will get our attention.

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Seagrass Investments & Remodeling

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