Investment Analysis

Whether buying, selling, or renting, Seagrass provides services which can protect and boost your bottom line.  

Considering remodeling a rental property to increase rents or attract a better quality of tenant?  

Trying to decide between buying more/differrent rental property and modifying your current holdings to increase revenues, reduce liabilities, or facilitate easier, more reliable property and tenant management?

Are you looking to buy your first rental or other investment property and want to make sure you don't overlook a major problem and get in over your head?

Do you own or manage under-performing property and want to find ways to turn a dog investment into a good investment?

Market analysis.  Property inspection and analysis.  Purchase, rental, and sale analysis.  Seagrass can help with all.  

Seagrass works with investors to solve these and more common real estate investment problems.  


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