Adding or remodeling a bathroom can have astonishing effects on how a home functions.  Just think about how your time is spent in the house, from getting out of bed in the morning to going to bed at night, and even during the night when there is a need for a late night bathroom visit.  

Is your bathroom close enough and accessible enough?  When you get there, is it open, or often occupied by someone else in the household?  Is it easy to use with plenty of space or cramped and barely functional?  

Do you have to plan your entire day around when your bathroom is available?  Is the entire family or other household occupants needing the bathroom at the same time?  Do you need another bathroom, but just aren't sure how you could find space in your home?  

Is your bathroom a well-lit, well-ventilated, well-organized room that is attractive and welcoming?

Is your bathroom accessible and safe enough for you and everyone who visits?  Is it inadequate for someone with limitations and in need of adaptation or redesign to accommodate a wheelchair or walker?  Is there a need for safety rails, better lighting, and grab bars, or improved ventilation?

Seagrass has helped solve all these problems and more.  Give us a call.  


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