Finishing the basement is often the simplest and least expensive area of a house to create more usable living space and add value to a home.  Many people have a partially or completely unfinished basement with tremendous potential for improvement.  Often, simply because the prospect of cutting out and replacing concrete floors to modify plumbing for a new bathroom, laundry room, wet bar, or even a Mother-In-Law kitchen seems overwhelming - in reality, however, it is very often not a big deal.  

Are you looking for a way to cover your housing costs more easily?  Maybe finishing the basement and renting it out is an option.

Do you have elderly parents living or older children with you, but feel like nobody has their own space or privacy?  Why not consider adding a kitchen, bath/laundry room and bedroom in the basement to give them their own nice appartment and make things better for everyone in the home?

Investors, do you have a large rental house with an unfinished basement with enough space to partition it off from the main living area?  Why not consider adding a new basement apartment?  Add some windows, a private exterior entry, and you can create a very marketable apartment with natural daylight and fresh air through attractive windows.

Do you have ideas about how you would use your basement if only it had a door to the outside, a better stairway, better lighting, a higher ceiling or windows?  All of these issues can be addressed, and your basement can become whatever you can envision.  

Is your house older and has a low ceiling?  Even this problem can be solved, in some cases in a surprisingly inexpensive way.  Removing concrete, digging down, and pouring a new floor is one option.  Jacking the entire house up is another.  

Need an office?  A pool room?  A man cave?  How would you like to have a your own wine cellar or home brew room?  

Do you or someone in your family refuse to go into the basement because it has spiders, is always damp and mildewy, or is burdened by some other unattractive feature?  There is always a way to overcome whatever is making your space undesirable.  

If your basement is unused or at least underutilized simply because of poor partitioning, lack of plumbing,  poor lighting,  lack of windows or entry doors, then consider a basement remodel.  

Sometimes a full or partial basement remodel paired with a small addition for a new entryway or to provide added space is the solution.  

If you have an idea or a need, Seagrass can help.  


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