Air Quality and Mold

Many factors affect air quality in your home.  Off-gasing from paints, carpet, furniture, and other seemingly benign substances in your house can substantially influence your health.  Infiltration of car exaust from an attached garage.  Mold.  Improperly vented plumbing.  These factors and more can make a house a very unhealthy place to be.  

Air quality is one of the most ignored features of houses, even though it is one of the most important influences on health.  

Do you and your familly often just feel cruddy, with no apparent reason?  

Identification and removal of sources of pollutants is the first step toward creating a safe, healthy living space.  Establishing a proper building envelope, installing appropriate water proof and water-resistive barriers, ensuring proper ventilation, and using finishes, furniture, and fixtures which don't give off toxic fumes are critical and necessary elements of a house with clean, fresh, healthy air.  

Excess moisture and inadequate ventilation pretty much always lead to mold problems.  Mold is ubiquitious.  Spores are in the air you are breathing, in water, the soil, on your clothing, etc.  All they need is the right conditions to thrive.  Poor air movement, a moist environment, and a lack of sunlight are a condo on the beach to a mold spore.  It will settle in with all its buddies and have a great big party.  

Fortunately, once a mold problem and its source are identified and cleaned up, preventing future problems can be accomplished with great certainty.  

Seagrass can help assess your air quality issues and work with you to solve any problems in a way that allows you to live the way you want to in your home.  A lot of scientific research has been done (and continues to be done) regarding the evaluation of and solutions to building health issues.  Seagrass follows the science to help you understand what is happening in your home and what options are available to ensure your family stays healthy and happy!

Why not let Seagrass help you breath freely and stay healthy?


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