Is your home well-suited to you?

Helping people experience the highest possible quality of life in their own homes is probably the greatest thing Seagrass gets to do.  We can work with you to conduct a survey of your needs and develop a plan to help you reach your goals.  Does your home meet all your needs now and for the foreseeable future?  If not, consider calling us to start a conversation that will lead to greater freedom, independence, and aesthetic enjoyment of your home .  

There are many ways to adapt your kitchen, bathroom, entries, hallways, flooring, lighting, outdoor spaces, and other areas to maximize full and free access and aesthetic enjoyment of your home.  Sometimes these adaptations are surprisingly simple and inexpensive.  Other projects are more extensive.  Either way, we would love to help!


Do you plan to stay in your home long-term?  Is your house designed to accomodate your plans?  Are changes needed in your home now, or would you like to make modifications before the need for such changes becomes emergent?  Have you given any thought to how your future in your current home may look?  Modifications are much easier to make before an urgent need arises.  How will your life look a year from now?  In five years?  Is your home ready for you?


Kitchens, bathrooms, and even laundry rooms all have cabinetry, plumbing, flooring, lighting, spatial orientation, and other issues which greatly influence functionality, as well as the basic suitability of a home for its occupants.  There are many ways these factors can be changed to address deficiencies.  


Do you love feeling a cool breeze, smelling fresh air, listening to birds sing, and watching rabbits, squirrels, and the kids run and play?  Are you able to spend time outside with your kids and grandkids or barbecue on the patio?  Does your deck, patio, and yard accomodate the way you want to use your yard?  Are entrances to your home an impediment to your coming and going freely?  Do you need ramps installed?  Hallways widened?  Is there enough room inside the doorway, or is your entry small, cluttered, and difficult to move throush?  There are many creative ways to make your home work for you rather than against you.  


Diminished sensory function is often a natural part of aging and sometimes due to injury or other conditions.  There are many ways to minimize such losses by improving and increasing sensory input and maximizing the use of other senses.  Lighting, colors, fragrances, textures, movement of fresh air, spatial orientation of frequently-used areas of the home, and many other factors can be massaged and emboldened to maximize desired sensory input for greatest safety, functionality, and aesthetic performance of your home.  

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