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We recognize that each investor is unique, as is every investment. We enjoy solving difficult or “impossible” investment challenges… our experiences demonstrate that with creative thinking, teamwork, and dedication, nearly anything is possible.

Whether you want help identifying and prioritizing investment goals, choosing the right investment property, remodeling, building, or just planning for the future, we will work collaboratively with you and your team.

Please feel free to initiate a conversation with us. Often, good investments and projects materialize fairly organically after a relationship is established, resulting in smooth planning and execution of strategies. Seagrass Investments and Remodeling is in the relationship business – the broader and more diverse our group of clients, partners, and friends, the stronger we are and the more we have to offer.
Our goal is to help clients generate the maximum return on investments, whether measured by profits or personal enjoyment.
Tim Rettmann, Manager

General Contracting and Investment Consulting Services

  • single family, multi-family, small commercial
  • throughout all phases of investment cycles
  • identify investment plans and strategies
  • property management consulting and assistance
  • maximize value, revenues, and aesthetic appeal
  • new construction, remodeling, maintenance
  • risk management: minimize short- and long-term liabilities
  • redesign and repurposing: alternative uses and income
  • diversify and maximize options: functionality, revenue streams, resale options

Looking for the right partner for one or more projects? Seagrass Investments and Remodeling can partner with investors in a variety of capacities. Feel free to have a conversation with us and see if we may be the right fit for one another in your next venture.

Real Estate Investors

Seagrass Investments and Remodeling serves small-scale and part-time investors through

  • Investment analysis consultations
  • Renovations – Remodeling – Repairs – New Construction
  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale evaluations to maximize investment outcomes
  • Comprehensive investment planning assistance
  • Partnerships / Joint Ventures

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Seagrass Investments and Remodeling’s residential construction and remodeling services will

  • Modernize and improve functionality and aesthetic appeal
  • Maximize use of existing structures and space
  • Add or improve accessibility or space
  • Address long-term maintenance issues

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Property Managers

Whether for single-family or multi-family rental properties or small commercial properties, Seagrass understands management issues and works with you to meet your goals.

  • Comprehensive maintenance evaluations
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Remodeling, rehabilitation, and maintenance services
  • Alignment with short- and long-term investment strategies

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Real Estate Investor or Property Manager? Contact us today to discuss your investment or project and see how we may work together for a single project or on an ongoing basis.

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Evaluating partnership options for one or more real estate investments? We’re happy to discuss how we may work together on any project to maximize return on investment.

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